A New Adventure Begins

For years we have been looking for a piece of land, not sure if it was just a pipe dream or if it was something that we truly were searching for. Darcie, always the real estate junkie, had scoured MLS for the past 5 years, looking for various properties that we could use to create the life we had always wanted.

Although we have a beautiful old house in an exciting community and Neighbours that have become close friends… We’ve always come back to the desire to live more sustainably: To have space, land, a garden, animals, be close to water, and to have a sustainable house.

Living in the city, in a large 102-year old house, on a small urban lot – just wasn’t enough. Certainly we could live here comfortably, but unfortunately… or fortunately for us, neither Darcie or I usually take the easy road.

And so our adventure begins.


(Originally posted June 30, 2014)

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