Filling the Storage Tank

We decided it was time to get water into the water tank in the shop so we could utilize the bathroom and utility sink. We had gotten out there late and so thought we would have it run through the night. The well is approximately 350-450’ from the shop so we had to connect many hoses to get the water from the well to the tank. Kent starts opening up the brand new hoses that were left behind from the previous owners and we start connecting them together, getting closer each time. Great! This is the first time we figured out something on our first try!…so the hose slipped easily into the tank and water was pouring in.

We slept in the tent that night…which I never get a restful sleep in.  Not sure if it’s the darkness, the rain, the coyotes howling, or maybe just how uncomfortable I am in a sleeping bag that our French Bulldog insists on sharing with me..but I didn’t sleep very well this particular night either because I kept wondering if the water tank was going to overflow.  This was a very unlikely thing, but when you are in and out of your REM cycle, you start to convince yourself that water is pouring all over inside your garage.

It was 2 am when I woke Kent up to accompany me to the garage to check on the water (and get ear plugs)….he actually agreed to come with me…and so we were able to clearly see that the water tank was only 1/4 full and would in no way overflow within the next 4 hours.

And so the tank was half full in the morning, and we were pretty darn happy with ourselves.  The only thing I questioned, was Kent’s decision to open up brand new hoses, when there was a very long hose on a wheeling cart that would have been really nice and easy to use instead…he claimed he didn’t see it there…..well….that’s just the way things roll around here….creating our own path, which isn’t always the easiest, so once again we are reminded that we are amateurs… dwellers, trying to make it in the country:)…but loving every minute of it.


(Originally posted August 10, 2014)

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