We took possession of the land on June 20, 2014. A couple of weekends before I met with the sellers, Harald and Val, out at the land to go over a few things and also purchase some extras that we would need: a John Deere 48” riding mower, gas powered weed whacker, farm-grade Round-up (I feel slightly guilty about this), backpack sprayer for said Round-up, and a trailer to haul crap (although we did not yet have a truck – a story for another post).

Harald also went through setting up the irrigation pump for the trees and the pump/water heater for the shop bathroom as well as miscellaneous good-to-know information for the land.

I took 6-7 pages of notes. The irrigation pump setup is incredibly complex. There’d be no way we would have figured it out on our own. Fortunately he also gave us a handy photo of the pump set-up for us to cross-check. Funny thing is we actually tried to set-up the pump a couple weeks prior… we hauled the 100+lbs beast several hundred feet from the shop to the river’s edge, plus all of the hoses that we thought it needed. After two hours of trying to get it working, we settled on admitting our failure and pathetically we hauled it all back up the hill – sweating and cursing – and into the shop. After Harald told me how to set it up, I had to laugh – we weren’t even close.


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