The Inaugural Shower(s)

The day came to setup the irrigation pump (for real this time). We had a clear plan and were eager to see this thing work. We had the picture in hand and Kent’s notes. Due to the weight of all the necessary equipment, we loaded everything into the back of the truck and drove it to the top of the hill (that led to the river). All the hoses went down first, then it was time to lift the beast down, which surprisingly felt lighter then It had previously (we chalked it up to the fact that in the last 14 days we had lifted heavier things and were therefore stronger than we once were). We set up everything as per the instructions and we were ready to plug this thing in. I was wearing shorts, a tank top and my straw hat – not exactly the best outfit for doing chores on the Land but I was just setting up a water pump… no big deal.  So Kent plugs it in and the pump starts flowing out the top valve (big time) and because I was closest to it Kent started yelling, “Quick turn it off! Close it!” So I reached over to grab the red handle and as I did the water turned a brown/black sludge and was showering over me. Just as I had started this inaugural shower, Kent unplugged the power. We stared at each other for a minute…….Kent smirking and me thinking, “What the f#@k.” The water was the stinkiest water I’d ever smelt and it was all over me. All I wanted to do was get rinsed off, but I wasn’t exactly allowed to just up and leave, because we still needed to get the stupid pump working. So I stayed down by the water as more of an advisor and watched Kent try again.

During this time he got a bit of the brown sludge on his hand and said to me, “Woah that stinks!” To which my response was, “Yup, tell me about it!” So we got the pump working and I headed for my next inaugural shower, which was first shower either of us had in the shop.  Even though the water was cold and slid under the curtain and onto the floor, at least I could wash off some of the stink, however I must say, that it lingered a bit… yucky yuck.


(Originally posted August 10, 2014)

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