Moving Day

On a surprising beautiful late November Saturday we moved into the new house. We had said that once the kitchen and master bathroom were complete we’d move in… well, neither the kitchen nor the bathroom were finished.

We’d been waiting for the countertop to be installed in the master bath for the past few weeks. I’d been told that the countertop would take about 2-3 weeks to arrive when I’d ordered it – a white basic edge Corian counter for the double-sink. Simple, right? Well, it was now week 7 and the counter was still not here. I could not finish the tiling and the sinks and faucets could not be installed until that was done. The plumber did not want to make the trip out to our place until he could hook that stuff up which meant we had no sinks and no showers operational.

I’d received a phone call a couple of days before from the counter installer saying that he could bring the counter out on Thursday – two days before we’d planned to move in. Great – just in time. I organized for the plumber to come the next day, Friday, to finish his work. Therefore our Saturday move-in should be perfect. Maybe things would just fall neatly into place.

How naive I am. Still.

Thursday came and went and no counter was installed. The plumber said he would still come out because he knew we’d planned to move in the next day – at least he could hook up the other sinks and showers (nice of him). However on Friday, I received a text message saying he was sick. Sorry. He would try to be there Monday.

We had everything planned to move the next day! Do we move anyway?

I then received a call from the counter guy saying he would come out the same day, the Saturday, to install the counter. Monday then the plumber could come (hopefully). We could rough it for a couple days. We had the bathtubs hooked up at least – so we could wash our hands there for a day or two. Who needs to shower everyday?

Screw it. Let’s move.

The night before the move I waxed the concrete floors with my neighbour (best neighbours in the world) and they turned out great. It was one of the few jobs with the house that actually went better than I expected it would.

The next morning we began the move. I don’t think many people enjoy moving, but I really really hate it. I hate packing only slightly more than I hate moving. Fortunately this was not going to be our most major move (that was last year). We were moving from a tiny cabin we’d been renting only 2 miles away from the house. We had our parents and a couple friends come help us for the day. Things went smoothly and aside from the near-death of our prized 30-year old split-leaf Philodendron (it is coming back slowly) – nothing was damaged in the move. I don’t know about you, but this tends to be a rarity.

Later in the day, the counter guy in fact showed up. He brought in the counter and… lo and behold – it totally was wrong! They’d somehow and for some reason changed the edge profile of the counter from a straight edge to a 2″ overhung edge! How does this happen? Honestly. The counter guy initially tried to convince us it was not a big deal. He wanted to install it as is. Except that we couldn’t open the top drawer or the cabinets. Plus it looked ridiculous. He suggested he build up the counter to make it not block the pulls, but that meant it would be absurdly close to our wall-mounted faucets. Besides, that – it wasn’t what we ordered! Gosh, some of these people. He then indicated that if we were to not install it then it would be 6 weeks more to get the right one in! Wait wait wait. Can’t you just trim off that ugly edge, my wife asked. We just wanted the straight finish anyway. “I guess I could do that,” he replied. (It would be two weeks more before the counter would finally be installed.)

Maybe we didn’t have any operational sinks or showers. Who cares that we didn’t have the master bathroom complete? What difference does it make that the kitchen was not finished either. We were in the house now.

And man oh man, it felt so good.

First morning – view from bed

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