Once you go black…

We’d really hummed and hawed about what to do about the basement parging for most the winder and early spring. Although our plan had been to do the house all black initially.



But last year we’d hesitated. And I’m not entirely sure why. We couldn’t run the wood siding all the way to the ground, like the rendering shows, because of the 8” of foam on the exterior basement walls without some seriously extensive strapping. Alas we had the stucco guys parge the basement foundation and then leave it while we contemplated our options: leave it or go all black.


While taking photos for the post about the concrete retaining wall, Darcie, my wife, said, “The house doesn’t look right. It looks like it’s floating. It’s weird.” She proceeded to spend the next several days playing with Photoshop, filling the gray parging with black and analyzing it from multiple angles. After a week of scrutinizing the Photoshopped images, she said, “Look. We should do this.” Pointing to an all black house.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned is that once my wife has made up her mind, it’s best not to disagree. It is only futile afterall. “Yes honey,” I replied (these two words are the most important for a husband to know, by the way).

So I called the stucco guys and asked them to come back. It ended up taking a number of weeks for them to finally show up (typical). But only a couple hours for them to transform the house.



I gotta say, I don’t know why I’d hesitated, because once your go black… well, you know the rest.



3 thoughts on “Once you go black…

  1. Awesome blog, read it from start to finish! Your end result turned out so well, every detail and the amount of thought that went in to it shows. You should do a whole virtual tour of the house!

    I am looking to build a house over the next couple years and love so many of the idea’s and detail used in your home. I was hoping to see your houseplan someplace and how you went from 2000sq/ft down to 1200sq/ft while keeping the space you wanted! I am having trouble minimizing space myself, currently at 1860 which is way more then my family needs.


    1. Hi Mike- thanks for your comments! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the blog and the house. I will post some more photos of the rooms of the house for a virtual tour over the next couple months- we’ve just been so busy outside this summer that I haven’t had the time! Also I will post a blog on the floor plan and discussion about it too. Stay tuned!


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